Yes people. I started a BRAND NEW comedy night. 

When? Last Sunday of the month (except December coz Santa).


Right opposite the murder scene. Shhh…

Where? Old Bookbinders Ale House in Jericho – THE BEST PUB IN THE WHOLE OF OXFORD.

Why? Coz the people who own it are BRILLIANT, love comedy and Inspector Morse had a pint there on the TELLY.

Ohhhh yeeaaahhhhh.

Time? 8-10pm. Sunday night friendly.

Tickets: £5 (£4

Debut night
Me and the Ultimate Pub Guv’nor Josh on Debut Night, 26th Sept 2017

What Happens? We have 3 sections to the night:

Part 1: We kick off with our audience competition! 5 new comedians perform 5 minutes each to compete for a 10 future spot.

– short break –

Part 2: A treat of 3 more established comedians doing 10 minutes (including our winner from the previous month).

– short break – 

Part 3: The competition winner is announced, followed by our semi-pro paid headliner of the month!

Hosted by MC yours truly.

As near as damn it to my perfect comedy evening if I say so myself.


spot the diff!
Spot the difference! A pub transformed!


All info about GET BOOKED!, including APPLICATION GUIDELINES, can be found on our Facebook page.