Monkey Business

Gig no: 65 Where I perform in a FREEZER, create the Apocalypse and commit the ultimate stand-up crime of telling the audience off for NOT LAUGHING. Where? Monkey Business above Cafe Rouge, Hampstead. Why? Asked innit. Who Held My Hand? No one thank god. I'm shite at comedy right now. What Happened? After turning up … Continue reading Monkey Business

A Gentle Explosion at TNT

Gig no: 64.  Where I got back on the comedy horse. For a bit of a marathon ride. If any of this, including the title, sounds rude THAT'S YOUR FILTHY MIND.  Where? TNT Comedy @ Vine Pub, Kentish Town Why? Never done it before and it's on the list. Who Held My Hand? Husband What … Continue reading A Gentle Explosion at TNT

Jazz Comedy DEATH

  Gig no: 63 In which I die so completely utterly I have plastic surgery so no one there will ever recognise me again. Where? Jazz Comedy @ Gunners Pub, Arsenal Why? Saw other people do it well and thought "ooo that's a good idea, why don't I have a go, what could possibly go … Continue reading Jazz Comedy DEATH

GET BOOKED! Debut Night

Gig no: 60 (1st MC gig) In which I struggle on the ropes, compete with a stray dog and ** spoiler** WE COLLECTIVELY SMASH IT. Where? GET BOOKED! @ Old Bookbinders Pub, Oxford Why? My gig, my rules. Who Held My Hand? My Partner in Crime, pub manager Josh. And Oxford-based mates: Connie, Kidd & … Continue reading GET BOOKED! Debut Night