Fork Handles of Fame

Gig no: 59. Where? 5 Minutes of Fame @ The Camden Head, Islington In which I get obsessed with time, lose the ON switch and then it's aaaaall oooohhhkaaaay. Why? Asked. Who Held My Hand? Not a Bringer. What Happened? "A tight 5 or we may not book you again." That's what the email says so that's what tonight's … Continue reading Fork Handles of Fame


Gig no: 56 & 58. Where? Cafe Mode, Covent Garden Why? Got asked! Twice. AND PRETTY MUCH DIED AT BOTH SO WHY NOT BLOG EM BOTH TOGETHER... PART 1: In which I try a new set about disability and make a small room of people, most of them German, very uncomfortable. Who Held My Hand? Wino Director … Continue reading COMEDY MODES

Sick and Ting

In which I get all common in a posh pub, terrify a Belgian and invent some of the worst deaths for a magician in my MIND. Gig no: 56. Where? Trafalgar Tavern, Greenwich. Why? Applied online. Who Held My Hand? Blogger mate Ian and his Scottish mate, Robbie. What Happened? I'm excited about this one. The Trafalgar … Continue reading Sick and Ting


In which I discover Danny Dyer's Greenhouse, drink watered down wine and am totally not fancied by a man with no teeth.  Gig no: 55. Where? Boleyn Tavern, Upton Park Why? I asked. Who Held My Hand? Not a bringer. But 2 surprise guests turn up in the form of Actor Mate, Peter and Wino Director … Continue reading HOPPERS IN THE DOCK


Gig No: 42. Did this before Edinburgh and FORGOT. (i.e. wiped from memory). Where? King Gong @ Comedy Store, London Why? It’s my birthday. Who Held My Hand? Writer Mate Joe & His Boyfriend, Blogger Mate Ian & Wino Director Mate. What Happened? Everyone says this night is cruel. And it is. A social experiment in … Continue reading BIRTHDAY GONG