Lee Hurst’s Backyard. F’nar.

Gig No: 54 In which I play a legendary club that has its own tube sign, mistime my act by 2 whole minutes and meet face from the past - Manc legend, Paul Tonkinson. ** Footage below. Of me not him, don't get excited. **  Where? Backyard Comedy Club, Bethnal Green. Why? They watched a … Continue reading Lee Hurst’s Backyard. F’nar.


Gig no: 53 Where? Downstairs at the King’s Head, Crouch End Why? It’s the most established Open Mic night in London. And last time I was there, I was SHITE. Who Held My Hand? Not a bringer. What Happened? Last time I did this venue, Crouch End collectively vomited in the streets at how bad … Continue reading RETURN TO CROUCH END

The Edinburgh Gigs

My first Fringe Festival as a stand-up comedian. In which I walk 8 MILLION miles more than the Proclaimers, tell jokes to 6 people who won’t look me in the face and don't kill a man with a Werther's Original.  Gig No: 43. (Edinburgh gig 1) Where? Njambi McGrath & Guests @ City Cafe, Blair … Continue reading The Edinburgh Gigs


Again, we’re speeding through some here to get to Edinburgh… In this batch, I experience jazz comedy, get ROBBED in Shoreditch, am taught comedy by an Octogenarian and go home coz there’s no audience. (SPOILER: actual video footage in this post). Gig no: 36. Where? Famous First Words @ The Gunners Pub, Arsenal Why? I asked. … Continue reading LAST WORDS BEFORE THE FRINGE