So you want to be a stand-up comedian?


So you want to be a stand-up comedian? A million, trillion years ago, so did I. I watched stand-up all the time. I had my heroes, wrote reams of the stuff. So I booked a gig. And didn’t eat for 3 days. My bowel nearly fell out with fear.

So I trained as an actor (got into RADA, pranced with the RSC, got stung by Triffids, hanged by Timothy Spall and did lots and LOTS of temping work). Wrote professionally (took worthy stuff to Edinburgh, got plays on stage and radio and had 100s of masterpieces rejected). I’ve had fun careers in both. But a million, trillion years later, I still want to do stand-up. So I’m doing it. I’m finally doing it. This blog is about me doing it.

I shall stop eating and my bowel will fall out. But this time, you can read all about it.

I am hoping this blog (as well as being a laugh) will be a bit of a guide to anyone considering stand-up. It starts with a potted history of my first gig (a million, trillion years ago) and what’s happened since. Basically – the story of my path to comedy. Then you’ll get the blog, from gig to gig, as I’m doing them. I’ll include club and gig details, advice from people I meet on the way, cock-ups, deaths, things I learn, random thoughts, photos, maybe even videos (if I’m brave).

It’s an experiment. Enjoy.


Photo by Kevin Murphy Photography